Architectural Woven Drapery , also called Metal Coil Drapery, Metal Fabrics For Architecture, Woven Wire Drapery and Flat Wire Mesh Panels For Architectural, it is a kind of decorative metal meshes. It is competent for interior and exterior ornamentation. For interior, it can be used as room dividers, decorative curtains and ceiling curtains. For exterior, it is an ideal option for building facade, column cladding, and wall coverings. It is also a good choice of protective application for stairs, elevator cabs, rails and balustrades. It is designed by engineers for different applications.
We could produce various specifications and weaves types and open areas and flexibility, pls contact us without hesitation if you have any inquiry.


  • Cable Diameter:2mmx1
  • Rod Diameter:1.2mm
  • Cable Pitch:3.1mm
  • Rod Pitch:5mm
  • Weight:10kg/m2
  • Opening Area:27%

Note: Special size and specifications can be made according to customers requires.


  • Flame resistant.
  • High tensile strength.
  • High durability and flexibility.
  • Brass or copper wires for beautiful surface.
  • Variety of openings and specs.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Excellent Aesthetic appeal and functionality
  • Low maintenance, easy to keep clean.
  • Functional and decorative metal mesh.


Architectural Woven Wire Drapery

Architectural Drapery

Woven Wire Drapery


Wire Drapery

Architectural Drapery




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